It's What We Believe

Kellogg’s® Global Breakfast Food Beliefs.

It's What We Believe


We have been making some of South Africa’s favourite cereals and snacks for over 90 years, and we take great pride in crafting great tasting, great quality food for you to enjoy.

Over those 90 years, we have released many new products, some of which have become household staples. One thing these products have in common is our vision – to create food and brands that matter.

We’ve created our Global Breakfast Food Beliefs that date all the way back to our founder, W.K. Kellogg and shape the way we make our foods today.

1.We believe in the power of breakfast.

We believe our grain-based breakfast provides a superior start to your day.

2. Grains are at the heart of our breakfast foods.

We seek the very best grains, and we believe the best grains are those that are sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.

3. We believe in providing great-tasting high quality breakfast food that delights families every morning.

We are committed to contributing to a healthier world through a journey of continuously developing great-tasting, better breakfast food whilst also encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.