The Goodness Of Grains

Small, but mighty.

The Goodness Of Grains


We believe in the power of grains, and how a grain based breakfast can be a great start to your day. Don’t be deceived by their small size – grains are small but mighty, containing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Did you know we’re more than just corn? We use a variety of grains in our cereals, some of them you’ll know, and some that might surprise you. Each our cereals contain one or more of the following grains:

Corn | White Rice | Oats | Wheat

01. Staying Healthy

Just as there is no healthiest vegetable or fruit, there is no healthiest grain. Each individual grain has varying levels of nutrients. By simply enjoying the pleasure of eating a variety of grains prepared in your favourite ways, you’ll inherently obtain different nutritional benefits and receive all the goodness of the grains.

02. Mighty Minerals

  • Iron – helps keeps  muscles strong

  • Zinc – helps the body's defensive (immune) system work properly

03. Nifty Nutrients

  • Carbohydrates – are the body’s main source of energy

  • Protein – needed to build and repair tissues

  • Good fats – help the body store essential nutrients

  • Fibre – essential for a healthy digestive system

04. Vital Vitamins

  • Vitamin B1 – helps to maintain a healthy nervous system

  • Niacin – helps convert food into energy

  • Folate – helpful for new cell creation

  • Vitamin A – contributes to healthy skin and good vision