Kellogg’s Media Statement 31 January 2019

In 2018, Kellogg South Africa undertook a thorough review of its operations to meet business strategies for growth, resulting in a new operational plan and reduction in workforce. On 14 November 2018, Kellogg South Africa concluded a comprehensive and rigorous consultation process resulting from a ruling by the Constitutional Court relating to Section 189A of the Labour Relations Act. This process was facilitated by the CCMA and all parties involved reached consensus on key matters prescribed in the Act.


As part of this consultation process, Kellogg’s made a commitment to minimise the number of retrenchments and to identify suitable roles within Kellogg South Africa operations.


Kellogg South Africa reduced the number of retrenchments from 57 to 21. This was achieved through the creation of additional full-time permanent positions across the business. These included non-production roles that Kellogg would re-train and up-skill the re-deployed employees and employees were compensated for change in duties including compensation for travel etc.


The 10 employees that have been profiled were offered new full-time permanent positions, however they refused to take up these positions and did not attend work. Due to the refusal of the concerned 10 employees to report for duty in the roles made available for them, the Company was obligated to act according to the very clear and well-known labour practices.


These employees were therefore retrenched and compensated in accordance with the law and Company policy.


We are unfortunately not able to comment further while we address concerns directly with the individuals concerned.