Cereal And Milk 101

If you’re looking for a quick, easy & healthy breakfast that won’t set you back a pretty penny (here’s looking at you smashed avo), then look no further than the tried and true combination of cereal and milk.


1. Packing a Punch

A simple cereal and milk breakfast can be surprisingly nutritious, delivering:


  • Fibre

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • B Vitamins

  • Protein


2. Added Benefits

In addition to being a convenient source of nutrients and tasty start to each morning, cereal provides an excellent way for families to enjoy dairy products and all their benefits.


Not only is milk or yoghurt a source of calcium, it can also help to provide a valuable portion of your day’s total nutritional needs, including vitamins and proteins.


But for all of the good milk can do, many of us would not realise these benefits without cereal. That is because eating breakfast cereal encourages your intake of milk each day.


3. Faster Than You Can Say “Breakfast”

Cereal + bowl + milk = done.


Add in a piece of fruit and you’ve got a totally balanced breakfast. (Even a superhero can’t match that kind of nutritional speed.)